Day #5 building ai email reply generator:

As I’ve been building this product, user experience has always been a top priority for me. Recently, I received some feedback from users who said that the current Gmail snippet view wasn’t enough for them to be able to respond. This really got me thinking about how we could improve

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Day 4 building the perfect response generator for gmail

???? Major Update Alert ???? I am beyond excited to share that our AI model for the new email app is finally working ???????????? After a few days of hard work, we were able to fix the server side by connecting our API to something called Da Vinci Open. This

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Day 1 building free email response generator

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share my journey as I work on building a new app that uses AI to help people reply to emails without having to type a single word. ???????????? #day1Over the 3 weeks, I’ll be sharing daily updates on how I’m building this Chrome extension.You can

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