Day #23: We made it to #6 on Product Hunt! + superReply goes viral in the TLV tech scene

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Today marks the official launch of superReply and let me tell you, it has been a wild ride.

As I prepared for the launch, I spent a lot of time talking to potential users and customers to really understand the value of our product. This helped me fine-tune our messaging on the website and titles to make sure we were clearly communicating the problem we were solving.

I’m thrilled to announce that we made it to number #6 on Product Hunt and received about 200 votes for superReply. This was especially exciting because it was the first time I shared the product with my friends and family, and the support has been overwhelming.

In addition to the launch, I’ve been focused on talking to potential angel investors for superReply. I’ve received a lot of connection requests from investors on LinkedIn and have even received introductions from friends in the tech industry.

I have a second conversation with a potential angel investor coming up on Friday, and am also scheduled to talk to an investor from Puerto Rico who could potentially help us tap into the Spanish native speaker market. And the best part? I used superReply to answer their emails 😀 !

It’s been exciting to see superReply grow, and now we have 500 users, many of whom are from well-known companies.

It’s clear that superReply is getting viral in the tech scene in Tel Aviv, as I’ve seen a lot of well-known domain names and emails signing up to join.

This is a great sign that people love using superReply and are telling their friends about it.

Today, I spent some time talking to potential users from Upwork, many of whom are freelancers with English as their second language. One message that stood out to me was from Omer, who told me that superReply was solving a big problem for him. he has been using Grammarly premium, but still didn’t feel like he is getting the right vocabulary. This interaction helped me understand the direction of superReply and how it is helping people.

We have a growing community on Facebook, with 40 members so far. If you love superReply, please join us!

I also spent time talking with my developer, Vlas, about our next steps in terms of priorities and budgeting. It’s important to me that I make the right decisions and have a clear strategy.

I don’t want to fall into the trap of building a tool with lots of features and no product-market fit.

I’m working on Google Data Studio to create custom reports and analyze how often people use superReply and how engaged our users are. This will help me show potential angel investors the value of our product.

I also received a message from Joshua, an amazing influencer, who wants to be part of the superReply marketing team. I’m excited to bring talented people on board and will be speaking with Joshua about this opportunity soon.

@localjosh AI is changing our world! Email hack to save you time! #lifehack #emailhack #ai @superreply #superreply ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依


Overall, I’m very satisfied with our numbers on ProductHunt and am looking forward to the wonderful things in store for superReply in January 2023.

Thank you for your upvotes!

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