Day #24: superReply’s user base approaches 1K mark, engagement shows no sign of slowing down!

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Welcome to day 24 of building superReply!

Today has been an exciting day for the superReply team as we continue to receive messages from users expressing their love for the platform.

The engagement on our database is also a great sign for the future success of SuperReply.

I had a productive day, starting off with a call with Edgar from Techstars to discuss strategies for acquiring more users without breaking the bank.

One idea we came up with was implementing an affiliate program. I reached out to several influencers and proposed a revenue share for any new users they bring on board through their unique coupon code.

To make it even easier for them, we will be integrating our SaaS with a third party software that allows affiliates to track their earnings in real time.

Another task on my to-do list was conducting interviews with potential users whose primary language is not English.

@shmueliz_ I cant belive i did it in just 22 days #superReply ♬ In Essence (Slowed) – Ka$tro

I promised myself that I would do at least two of these interviews per day in order to fine-tune our beachhead strategy.

These conversations have provided valuable insights into the market and our target audience.

For example, I learned that many people communicate with customers through WhatsApp, Upwork, and Facebook, and that it can be difficult for customer service representatives to come up with the right words to address complaints.

I also spent some time reviewing our Trello board and making sure all tasks are being checked off by our developers. Based on the feedback from these user interviews, I was able to plan out our next set of features using the Lean Startup methodology.

This helps to ensure that we are not falling into the trap of building a product that doesn’t address the needs of our target market.

I Also received some feedback from our users about the placement of the SuperReply icon on the main view of Gmail. Some felt that it was a bit too pushy, and I am considering sending out a survey to gather more opinions on the matter. I’m also considering removing the icon from the main screen of all emails in Gmail.

I have two more calls scheduled with angel investors and have been receiving a lot of interest in superReply. It’s great to see that people are excited to learn more about our journey.

Paul, our designer, has been working on a widget to notify users when they have reached their daily email limit. Rather than showing a big pop-up right away, we want to create a more gentle notification through a small message in the widget, allowing users to upgrade if they choose to. We believe this will improve the user experience and make the notification less pushy.

I ended the day by speaking with an influencer from Kuwait who gives tips on how to make money online. He was very impressed with the SuperReply Chrome extension and I am looking forward to our collaboration. He also asked about our affiliate program, which is something I need to focus on in the coming days.

Overall, I feel like we are in a great momentum and have an amazing team working on something truly special. If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Facebook community, “SuperReply Lovers,” to be a part of the journey. Thanks for following along!



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