Day #18: First Influencer Endorsement for superReply: A Major Milestone

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Today marks day 18 of my journey building “superReply,” and it’s been a wild ride so far. I’m thrilled to see what we’ve been able to accomplish in just 18 days, and it’s been amazing to see my vision being recognized by journalists and influencers.

One of the biggest milestones for “superReply” today was getting our first Spanish-speaking influencer to mention and recommend the extension to their followers. This is a huge achievement for us, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of Julio. When you put in the effort, the results will come, and we’re seeing that firsthand with “superReply.”

@misterjgomez Nueva extensión de Google Chrome que tienes que probar ???? te ahorrará muchísimo tiempo de trabajo respondiendo correos #inteligenciaartificial #productividad #tecnologia #tipsdetecnologia #consejosparaeltrabajo #consejosparaemprendedores #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

I’m also happy to report that Rizwan fixed the bug we had with Spanish replies being cut off. This was a big priority for us, and I’m glad to see it fixed. We’re focusing a lot on the Spanish market in the coming days, so it’s great to have this issue resolved.

Our developer Vlas has been working around the clock on QA and making sure all the user flows are smooth and bug-free.

Today, he focused on fixing the pricing and account page and addressed some other bugs. I couldn’t do this without him, and I’m grateful to have such a hardworking team member on board.

I also received valuable feedback and insights from one of our first users, who is a product manager at WIX. I really value their opinion and will be taking some of their suggestions into consideration.

I received a lot of support from my tech industry friends who told me they’ll recommend the extension to their friends, and even got a shout out from Elad Kobi, who is active in Israeli startup groups and plans to share “uperReply with them.

I also received some questions from friends that work in enterprise companies about security concerns when it comes to downloading Chrome extensions.

One thing I noticed today is that a lot of people get newsletters and promotions to their email, and we need to find a way to filter out these types of emails and not suggest replies for them.

We don’t want to waste resources on replies that aren’t relevant to our users.

I’m grateful to have Liudmyla on our QA team. She’s been working tirelessly and has a ton of tasks on our Trello board. It’s great to have such a professional and driven team member on board.

I also received a positive response from Sam (Felt) Renders, a businessman in the music industry, who tried the Chrome extension and liked it. He even asked when it would be available to use with Superhuman app. I told him that we’ll be integrating Superhuman into our app down the road, but for now, we’re taking things one step at a time as we approach the launch date.

I’m feeling really positive about the next few days and the potential of superReply.

I’m surrounded by talented and driven people and I can see the amount of interest and replies we’re getting from different people.

If you haven’t tried the beta yet, you can sign up at our website and give it a try yourself.

Thank you for following my journey.

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