Day #20: Download superReply directly from the Chrome extension store

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Day 20 of Building superReply has been a thrilling one! I’ve learned so much and can’t believe what we’ve accomplished in just 20 days.

Today I received a call from two entrepreneurs in Cyprus who are interested in potentially investing in superReply. It’s amazing to see that in just two days of launching, we’re already getting interest from investors.

My UX Designer, Paul;, has been working hard to ensure that the design is smooth and all micro interactions feel good for our customers.

One exciting development is that you can now download superReply directly from the Chrome extension store with just one click. No more downloading zip files or anything like that.

Paul, our UX designer currently working on the final touches for the design and Vlas my developer is putting the finishing touches on TypeScript support and adding automated tests. This will ensure that we can make changes and add new features down the road without worrying about any issues.

Another valuable conversation I had today was with a San Francisco entrepreneur Aqeel Ali who suggested reaching out to potential customers and conducting interviews to understand their pain points and how superReply can provide value for them. It’s important to me to make sure that our product truly solves a problem for our users.

I’ve also received some feedback about potential integration with Microsoft Teams, which is something we’ll consider down the road. Right now, our focus is on getting our MVP ready for launch on January 1st.

I’m grateful for the support of my friends in Tel Aviv and LA who will be helping to promote superReply.

Special shoutout to Julio who is working hard to capture the Spanish native speaker market for us.

Thanks for following along on my journey so far. If you haven’t already, make sure to download superReply and try it out for free.

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