Day #21: The mom test: My go-to method for superReply validating

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It’s day 21 of building “superReply,” my new Chrome extension. Today was all about getting ready for our launch day Tomorrow! I spent the day working on the website and making sure that we’re targeting the right users.

One key aspect of this is having a Spanish version of the website, since we’re aiming to capture the freelance market of Spanish speakers. Many freelancers who work in English struggle with feeling anxious about communicating in the language, and I believe that “uperReply can be a huge help for them.

To make sure that my assumptions about this market are accurate, I created a questionnaire to interview around 20 freelancers who are native Spanish speakers and proficient in English. This is known as the “The mom test” where you ask someone about their experiences without telling them what you’re doing in order to validate your product.

Gathering this information is crucial to shaping my messaging and go-to-market strategy before putting a lot of effort into marketing.

One of the highlights of the day was the completion of our Spanish website, which will be crucial for targeting the freelance market of Spanish speakers. In order to validate our assumptions about this market, I also created a questionnaire to interview about 20 Spanish-speaking freelancers about their experiences working and communicating in English.

Another major milestone was receiving feedback from a tech industry insider in Palo Alto, California who saw potential in superReply and offered suggestions for improving privacy. It was great to see that people are taking notice of our product and we are already getting traction with users. In order to continue improving and shaping superReply, we will be paying close attention to user feedback and working on new features and marketing strategies.

As we head into the New Year, we are feeling more confident than ever in our ability to launch superReply successfully.

Thanks to the support of our friends and team, we are on track to have a polished product and marketing plan in place.

Here’s to a successful 2023 for superReply and all of our users!

I can’t wait to see how “superReply” will benefit freelancers and make their lives easier.

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