Day #11: How a Rave Promoter Turned Tech Founder Built a Successful MVP?

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I want to give a special shoutout to my developer Hashir, who is celebrating his wedding this week. I sent him a gift to show my appreciation for his dedication to the project and wish him a lifetime of health, happiness, and success with his new wife.

Today marks the 11th day of building superReply and I can hardly sleep because I’m so pumped about the project. My team is extremely dedicated and we’re all working tirelessly to make the launch as successful as possible.

I woke up bright and early this morning for a 6:30 AM meeting with my developer Vlass, who has already created an impressive user flow and file for the Chrome extension for first tests.

Vlass is an integral part of the team and I don’t think we’d be able to meet our deadline of January 1st, 2023 without them.

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After the meeting, I had a great chat with my friend Yosi from Israel. Yosi work for a company called Post, which is set to be a major competitor for Twitter.

The founder of Post is the founder of WAZE.  Yossi is highly talented UX designer and he generously gave me over an hour of his time to go over the user flow and provide feedback on our MVP.

My UX designer Paul that is extremely dedicated to the project also was part of the call, as Yossi solve some complex use cases and simplify certain features, like tone of voice. Yosi also shared his perspective on when it’s best to ask for user feedback (he recommended at least 5 interactions).

Yossi guetta

Hasil is an important member of the team and I’m grateful to have him on board.

I also had a great conversation with my friend Yuval, who is a successful entrepreneur in the FinTech industry. He owns a successful ticketing company in Israel and has built multiple platforms and SaaS products. I value his opinion greatly, not only because he’s a good friend but also because he’s an expert in the field.

Yuval  was impressed by my enthusiasm and drive for the SuperReply project, he  encouraged me to think about my go-to-market strategy for the MVP and recommended looking for an angel investor to help us seize the opportunity and fill a gap in the market.

In terms of the MVP, in my mind, launching the superReply MVP is like throwing the best party in town. The key is to make sure we invite the right people – those who are willing to try out new trends and technologies and aren’t afraid to download a new Chrome extension. This is why I’m focused on developing a strong go-to-market strategy to target the right users who will provide valuable feedback to help us improve and find our product-market fit.

Paul Casen

I have a good feeling that we’re on track to launch one of the best Gmail extensions ever. I have a wonderful team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to ensure we succeed in the market with superReply. It’s an exciting time for the project and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

Overall, it’s been a productive and enlightening day for the superReply team.

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