Day #16: superReply Approved by Google Chrome Store & Paul’s designs come to life

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It’s day 16 of building superReply and the countdown to our January 1st launch is on.

Today was a big day for our team, as we received approval from the Google Chrome Store for our extension.

Paul designed a beautiful widget for the extension and with the help of Vlas & Nik, we were able to implement it into the code.

The flow looks seamless and the loading animation is top-notch. While we still have some minor tweaks to make to ensure the user experience is perfect, it’s exciting to see Paul’s designs come to life.

We’re hoping to send out a beta version to users who have signed up on our website tomorrow, but first we have to run some QA tests to ensure the app is functioning properly.

In the meantime, I spent some time chatting with Julio and sending him the beta to test out. He tried it with a Spanish email and was blown away by the personalized replies he received. It’s clear that there is potential for superReply in the Spanish market.

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I also spent a significant portion of the day working on building out new pages for the website, including a landing page to showcase the benefits of our product to journalists, influencers, and friends. I also created an onboarding page for users to see after they install the extension, complete with a video on how to get the most out of superReply.

In preparation for our second version, I built a form for users to fill out when they uninstall the extension. This will allow us to gather feedback and make improvements to the product.

Overall, it was a productive and exciting day as we continue to work towards our launch date. Thank you for following along and be sure to share our journey with your friends.

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