Day #28: Exciting Times: Advanced Investors Talks and Israeli Media Attention

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Today marks day #28 of building superReply

I have had a major breakthrough with investors and have had advanced talks with several of them.
It feels closer than ever to securing resources and making superReply as big as I envision it to be.

To prepare for potential investment, I spent the day discussing contracts with my lawyer fromĀ Pearl Cohen office.

Another exciting development today was receiving a message from Digital Rosh, a big organization affiliated with Technion Israel in Haifa.

They want to represent superReply at their conference for their community. I had a conversation with Ido Yavnai, who leads the community and was extremely impressed with what we have built in such a short period of time. He offered to represent superReply at the conference and be more involved in helping connect us with the right people. It’s exciting to see others admiring superReply and I am motivated by Ido’s reactions and willingness to be a part of our success.

Today was a big day for superReply. Not only did we receive interest from journalists at Ynet, the biggest website in Israel, but we also got attention from the manager of the biggest community for artificial intelligence in Israel.

The manager approved my story about superReply in the community and the post went viral, receiving a lot of comments and messages from people excited to try our product.

It’s exciting to see superReply getting attention from these big sources, but I have to remind myself to keep doing user interviews to validate our idea and understand our beachhead strategy. Building a good business is more important than just creating a cool tool.

I’m looking forward to the interview with Ynet and sharing my journey with a wider audience.

I also received positive messages from influencers and were featured in a US productivity magazine. It seems like people are falling in love with superReply and are excited about how it can benefit their daily lives.

I was able to set up and launch our affiliate program, which has already garnered interest from affiliates who want to promote superReply. This will be a valuable channel for us to grow quickly with a lower cost.

This week, our focus is on user acquisition and reaching 1,000 downloads on the Google Chrome Store.

Thank you for following my journey and for your support. Please share superReply with your friends to keep the momentum going.

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