Day #6 building conversation reply generator online:

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Today was a productive day for our team as we were able to secure the services of two highly skilled developers, Hashi from Pakistan and Vlas from Ukraine, to help us with our upcoming project. We are planning to launch on January 1st, 2023, and are particularly focused on improving the user experience of our Chrome extension.

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One issue we are looking to address is the limited visibility of emails when replying.

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Currently, users can only see a small snippet of the email in Gmail, but we are considering importing all messages and displaying them within our Chrome extension to provide a better experience.

We also had a discussion with our UX designer from Spain about how to best solve this problem and are eager to continue working on improving the overall user experience of our application. Today marks day six of our journey to reach 1 million users with our Chrome extension.

In addition to our progress on the development front, we also received a new logo design from our talented designer. While we initially requested a specific color palette, I asked for a second iteration with an alternative color scheme to see which one best fits our brand.

i’m are excited to see the final result and believe the new logo will be a great addition to our project.


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