Day 8: make sure our product stands out in the market.

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In this session, I want to discuss my plans for building a successful company. I have a good feeling about this project and believe it will be one of the most successful I’ve ever worked on.

Security and privacy protections

First and foremost, I want to make sure that users understand that their information is protected with us. When they log in, we will not store their emails and will only store suggestions in our database, ensuring that no sensitive data is included. This is only to help train our model and improve our product over time.


In the future, I’d like to consider creating a widget model for Slack, Discord, Facebook, and other CRMs, and sell it as a B2B product. I believe this will bring tremendous value to big companies and save time for their teams.

Customer service and support

Additionally, I want to offer customers the opportunity to get their money back if they are not satisfied with our product. Customer care will be a top priority, and we will make sure it is prominently featured on our website.

User experience

I also want to ensure that our product is easy and smooth to use, with an onboarding process that clearly communicates the value of our product. To do this, I am considering creating a page with a video that users can watch after installing the Chrome extension, Our French colleague Paul is here to ensure our UX is top notch.

Overall, my goal is to create a product that is easy to use, offers value to customers, and protects their information.

We were fortunate to have Paul, the UX master, join our team.
We were fortunate to have Paul, the UX master, join our team.

Community & Updates

To build a community around our product, I plan to create a Facebook group and ask users to join. This will help us grow and improve over time. Additionally, in the first few weeks after launching, we will commit to making frequent updates and improvements to the product. We want our customers and free users to know that we are constantly working to make our product the best it can be.

Option 1 was chosen
Option 1 was chosen

Tailored experiences

In the future, I’d like to implement a feature that allows users to have a personal engine just for them. This means that the engine will learn the behavior and preferences of each individual user, and tailor responses accordingly. This will enhance the user experience and make it more personalized.

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To Show the Value

Another important aspect of our product is showing customers the value it brings. To do this, we will send them data about their engagement with the product, highlighting how much time and effort it has saved them.

What’s next?

Overall, I’m really excited about this project and the journey ahead. I have a great team and a good feeling about the success of our Chrome extension. Thank you for following along and being a part of this journey.

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