Day #9: A Hanukkah Celebration and a Breakthrough Moment

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Today was day nine of my journey building the SuperReply Chrome extension, It was also Hanukkah today, and we lit the first candle to celebrate. It’s my first Hanukkah in the US with my wife, so it was really special.

I wasn’t able to work on the extension too much today because I took a break to go outside with my wife. It was really nice to get some sunlight on my face, especially since it’s December and really cold here in the US (I’m originally from Israel, so I’m not used to this kind of weather).


Building a product from scratch is no easy feat, but the reward of making a difference in people’s lives is worth it. Come along for the ride. #saas #software #productmanager

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While I was outside, I had the chance to talk to Lee, who works at Amazon. He’s the husband of my wife’s best friend, Perry, and he’s been following my journey on LinkedIn and through WhatsApp. I asked him for his thoughts on SuperReply, and he had some great ideas for features that could be really helpful.

For example, Lee said that if he could get a tool that could summarize his emails and threats in a few bullet points, it would be really valuable for him. This is something that we could potentially add to superReply down the road. He also mentioned that having a tool to manage the priority of his emails would be really helpful.

I’m really excited about these ideas because they align with our long-term goal of working with big companies through a B2B strategy.

AI-powered reply generator

Despite all the positive things that happened today, I did have a bit of a roadblock in the morning when I received a message from my new UX-designer disagreeing with my approach to user experience in one of our user flows.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this UX problem and talking to friends about it.

I had a breakthrough solution to a big obstacle that had been causing delays for the project.

My friend Shuki and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of allowing users to reply to emails from the main Gmail page, without having to open the email in a new window or navigate away from the page.

This will allow people to stay on the page where they can see all of their emails and reply using SuperReply, without having to switch back and forth between windows.

AI email reply generator
Our AI email reply generator in action

This will make it easier for people to stay organized and get their work done more efficiently.

We’re confident that this solution will be a game-changer for our users and we can’t wait to roll it out.

I also spent some time today working on the privacy page and terms of use for our website, which are now looking super professional.

I contacted a few people to help me create a plan for a PR campaign for when we launch the extension.
My goal is to have some big technology blogs, like Yahoo and Geek Time, talking about us when we go live.

Next week is going to be intense for me, as I have some commitments for my other companies in Tel Aviv, and I feel like this is a really important week for the SuperReply project.

I contacted a friend and offered him to take an active role in helping me talk to influencers and spread the word about our product.

Our team is doing great and I have a really good feeling that this will be one of the most successful projects I’ve ever worked on.

If you want to follow my journey, make sure to follow me on TikTok for behind-the-scenes updates.

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