How to reply to a cold email from a salesperson

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Don’t Let Cold Emails Stress You Out

• The key is to remember that the salesperson is just doing their job. They likely have to send out a certain number of cold emails per day or week. It’s not personal.

Be Polite, But Firm

• You don’t have to be rude in your reply. A simple “No thank you, I’m not interested at this time” is perfectly acceptable.

• If you feel the sales pitch was overly pushy, you can say something like “I appreciate you reaching out, but I’m going to pass on this offer.”

Ask To Be Removed

• If you want to avoid future cold outreach from that company, include a line in your reply asking to be removed from their list.

• Something like “Please remove me from your outreach list going forward. Thank you.” This signals that you don’t want to be contacted again.

Use Email Tools

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• It will automatically detect and unsuscribe you from sales outreach.

• superReply also provides pre-written email templates to simplify replying.

• With superReply installed, you’ll stress less over sales emails cluttering up your inbox!

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