How to reply to a humorous email while maintaining professionalism

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Keep it Light While Staying Professional

• When responding to a humorous email, it’s important to maintain professionalism while also keeping things light. Laugh along when appropriate, but don’t get too silly or informal.

• Use humor judiciously. Sprinkle in some appropriate jokes or witty remarks to show you appreciate the humor without going overboard.

• Be careful not to cross lines with sensitive topics. Make sure any humor aligns with company policy around what’s appropriate.

• Keep it brief. Humor often works best in small doses. No need to try too hard – a few funny quips or references here and there is sufficient.

Mirror the Original Tone

• Take cues from the original email. Mirror the tone and style to determine the right level of humor to respond with.

• If it’s fairly professional with just a bit of humor, keep your response in kind. More silly emails call for more jokes in return – but within reason.

• Consider the relationship and context. The closer you are with the sender or the less formal the communication channel, the more humor may be appropriate.

• When in doubt, err on the professional side. You can always take it less seriously in future communications once you have a better sense of the expectations.

Proofread Carefully

• Humor can easily come across the wrong way in writing. Carefully proofread to make sure your jokes will be taken well by the recipient.

• Watch for unintended meanings or insensitive remarks. Even if meant lightheartedly, some attempts at humor can cause offense.

• Double check for overall clarity and professionalism. While inside jokes can be fun, ensure the underlying message is clear for external recipients.

• Consider sending to a trusted colleague first if you’re unsure. It never hurts to get a second opinion on whether your humor hits the right notes.


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