How to reply to a networking email from someone you don’t know well

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Don’t Overthink It

• Replying to a networking email can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to keep it simple and not overthink it.

Be Friendly and Personable

• Open with a warm, friendly greeting like “Hi [Name]” or “Good to hear from you!”. This sets the right tone.

• Ask them how they’ve been or make a brief friendly comment to continue the conversation. This makes it more personal.

Answer Any Specific Questions

• If they asked you any direct questions in their email, answer them near the beginning of your reply.

• Keep this part of your response brief and to the point.

Continue the Relationship

• Show interest in continuing the relationship by suggesting meeting up or keeping in touch.

• For example, say “I’d love to grab coffee and catch up more” or “Let’s connect on LinkedIn”.

Wrap It Up

• Close out your email with another warm sentiment like “It was great hearing from you!” and your name.

• Keep it short and friendly. There’s no need to overcomplicate networking emails.

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