How to reply to an email when swamped and need more time

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Here are some tips for replying to emails when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need more time:

Take a Deep Breath and Don’t Panic

• It’s completely normal to fall behind on emails when things get busy
• Getting stressed will only make the situation worse
• Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and clear your mind before replying

Be Honest and Ask for What You Need

• Let the sender know you received their email and appreciate them contacting you
• Explain that things are a bit hectic for you right now
• Ask for their understanding and let them know when you can get back to them

Prioritize the Most Important Emails

• Not all emails require an immediate response
• Quickly scan for anything truly urgent that needs your attention
• Respond to time sensitive requests first

Use Templates to Save Time

• Create template responses explaining you’ll provide a full reply by X date
• Customize with the sender’s name and details about their request
• This allows you to efficiently notify many people at once

Schedule Time for Catching Up

• Set blocks of time to power through a batch of emails
• Disable notifications so you can focus without interruptions
• Promise yourself a reward when you meet your reply goals

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