How to reply to an email with a question about a previous email

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Stay Organized When Replying to Emails

• When you get an email with questions about a previous discussion, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Start by taking a deep breath and reviewing the original emails so you have context.

• Jot down the key points and questions you need to address to stay focused. This will prevent you from missing anything important.

Keep Your Response Clear and Concise

• Address each question directly, keeping your answers simple and to-the-point.

• Break up long responses into paragraphs to make them easier to digest. Use bullet points or numbered lists if explaining complex topics.

Check Your Tone

• Before hitting send, read over your email to ensure your tone is professional and helpful. Since email lacks verbal cues, be extra careful with word choice.

• End positively by summarizing next steps or offering to follow up if they have additional questions. This promotes goodwill.

Use Tools to Save Time

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